Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh My God Becky Look At Her Hair Its So Big!!!!

So today I'm walking home from the pharmacy and i see this group of oh so cool high school kids. One of them elbows her friend so hard I'm sure she ruptured her spleen Sean Avery styles and obviously tells her friend to look my way because obviously i have an extra arm and herpes and paint all over my face right? WRONG!!!! I just had big hairs really i wasn't even dressed as "funny" as usual or in my hooker Minnie mouse get up either nope just a fuckin black dress and a few Pokemons not really i had zero Pokemon in or around my clothes or my skin. So then i cut their skin off and wear and dance to good bye horses, but not really. What really happened is it bothered me and then i wrote a blog about it but decided not to post it at the time but now i'm posting it on September 2nd. Now you dudes can stop complaining Christine cause i has a newish post. BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM