Sunday, October 17, 2010

Again Seriously

I give up
I swear its not even worth it
Why do I do this???
Every time I open my mouth about someone new in my life out of excitement they just disappear.
I fuckin quit
Men you are too complicated for me
and Women cry to much
A sexuality here I come........

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

500 Days of Lyndsey

So I am watching 500 days of Summer
I want that.
It just seems so uncomplicated at least for Summer.
I don't want a boyfriend. I can't handle relationship plus whats the point of them reallly?
To fall in love and get married?? To have companionship???
I don't believe in love.
I don't need a relationship for companionship.
I know it makes me seem like I a hypocrite for wanting all the perks of a relationship but none of the scary heartbreak and titles or officialness of a relationship.
Yes that means it will go nowhere
Yes I know someone will get hurt in the end
Yes I know that person might even be me.
I just cannot handle having my hopes lifted and then smashed to 12 billion pieces again, it really is just too much for me.
I wish I could control how i just put so much hope and faith into one person and just one little thing can ruin it.
I used to be a master of controlling my emotions, I blame Lilly for ruining this. I am not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing but alas it is a thing. I must learn to deal with it.
I should just ask her how to.
Being a chick sucks sometimes.
I refuse to use a legit paragraph
Now how do I express to him that I want this without scaring him away???

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Regrets? I have a few.

So its like week 2 in Hammer town.

I still hate it.....

I think it is possibly the worst idea I have ever had.
My mother tells me I will learn things from it other then the fact that I am going to school. So far I have learnt things I already know. I fucking hate people, I fucking hate living with people, I fucking hate living with people I do not know. I wish I would of moved into some dingy basement apartment alone, so I can live like the semi hermit that I am.

I have never had to force social skills more then I have been doing these past 2 weeks, fake laugh at everything ugh its so tiring pretending to like people.

I feel so old here.
Everyone in my classes is 18.
Also I have no idea how 95% of the people in my classes made it past kindergarten let alone to university. I am paying like 7,000 dollars to go to school I do not want to listen to you talk about your highlight, how drunk you got last night, how you are a slut who shouldn't of banged that guy or about the ever so old blackberry vs iphone debate. Seriously you are a drunken slut I don't care put a cock in your mouth and shut up.

My dog is annoying
I love her to pieces, which is funny because she sheds so much that pieces of her are with me everywhere I go.
She smells, not matter how often I bathe her, all she does is make me wanna eat corn chips.
I am fat enough I do not need that.

Cooking is the bane of my existence.
I hate it, I find it so tedious and not rewarding at all.
I though when something is that horrible it should have some kind of reward, yes cooking means eating which means not dying blah blah blah shut up.

I am done with this rant

Blog 1# from Hamilton, Happy Lilly???

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So im chilling in out watching shitty music videos this morning, The music video Hot & Cold by Katy Perry comes on and im grooving to the jam because you know what its a catchy little diddy, don't make fun of me. So if you've never seen the video i'lll paint you a pretty picture. A church right? A bride Katy Perry with a funkin sweet vail thingy and a sex bomb dress and in the other corner we have thats right ladies and gents a groom some dude i think his name was Alexander like the Great or Ovechkin. So they're all do you take this man to be your husband and shes all I do, Then the spot light moves on over to Alexander and they ask him and he gets sweaty poms and look very weary of this whole situation ( not that i cna blame him) and guess what??? He frekin bolts out there like a bat out of mo'fuckin hell. Then Katy Perry chases after him as a crazy psycho delirious bride. Desperate you say? Thats what i thought at first too then my dears i put some more thought into it and look at it this was you will. A giant church, The usual over priced set up but this time the one who looks weary is the bride, She drops her flowers, bolts out of church and starts to run, Following not far behind her is the dashingly handsome rich man she was going to marry and he chases after her and professes his love for her. Romantic you say? No dice. Although i did paint these pictures to be different scenarios they are pretty much what most people automatically think. I am guilty of thinking of things in this double standard and i wanna say blame the media, blame mens and their strange fear of commitment which i am also guilty of, But really there is a complete and total well i dont want to say double standard, I would say its more so they way men and women are wired differently. What a female would think is romantic a guy would think is crazy, psycho desperate. Since these are the gender roles when it comes to these things, That is just how it is. Chase after your husband.......Desperate. Chase after your wife.........Romantic

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Russian of The Month Part 2

Ok so as promised you guys are getting a Russian of the month. Yes he's a hockey player. No he's not a Canadien, he doesn't even live in Canada BAHA, OK that wasn't even a little funny, like not at all, anyways so since you've been so patient and the Canadiens are playing so shitty, i decided to seek sanctuary in a nicer kinder place, the Ottawa Washington game, since I'm slightly obsessed with the stats for the whole league, i want Washington to LOSE, LOSE LIKE LOSERS!!! I really only feel that way because of the stats, i actually like the Capitals more then the Senators. So my Russian of the month is SERGEI FEDOROV. BOOM!

So i like pictures of Russians Pointing, So what. Highest scoring Russian born player ever, that's right boys and girls ever. This Pskov born 39 year old, is the bomb. Standing 6'2 weighing in a 206 pounds. He's dated many hot bitchez, well "hot bitches". He shoots with his left he's a center and a sexy. Born in Pskov in 1969 his mother Mama Fedorov birthed this fine piece of amazing hockey playing ass i mean hockey playing man, yes man. so much man. WOOO!!!! He is active in charities around Michigan and Russian FACT!

He's a super Hero FACT!! Well...He provided a children's hospital in Moscow with a dialysis machine which in turn saved lives which pretty much makes him a super hero

He Excels on the ice and off, If you know what I'm saying FACT Anna Kournikova, Tara Reid he hit that and now he might have Vd from the latter but you take that rish when you have sex with skanky womens even when they look as good as though two do.

He's won 3 Cups FACT! all 3 with Detroit in 1997, 1998 and 2002

He makes $4,000,000, He loves music, golf, travel, tennis boating and boning

He is Russian of The Month
one of many Russians of my wet dreams.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


So i kinda fail at blogging, i don't do it often enough but i've kinda been busy lately with not sleeping, not eating, getting legit death threats from family, watching hockey, losing Lilly to Memphis for like 2 weeks, feeling too awkward to see Christine but then we were reunited and it did feel so good, makin bows all kinda fun stuffs.

so since the year is over I'd like to throw out two of my favorite quotes of the year, maybe its kinda cocky of me to do this and once you hear the quotes you'll love punderfullness of me calling that cocky.

so remember when i had that lovely run in with that lovely band that opened for gbh, then i went from foufs to katacombs to a sexy alley way in china town and stuff happened and like 3 Asian dudes on a "smoke break" watched. pretty sexy right, well this is where quote number one comes along. I'm wiping my mouth while we walk and i utter these words "so, you get alot of ass on tour?" cause i like to make things awkward for dudes after we have fun in Chinatown, that happening even brought us the "You know what happens in Chinatown"

Next on this happened all in that same night way later on at the after partay, im in a van with a dude who happens to be in the same band as boy number one, so things start to happen he takes out his wang, i look at him, i look at the wang, i pause and i open my mouth but the wang does not go in, these words come out " I'm sorry i can't do this, i just blew your drummer' BAM AWKWARD TOWN, then we went to boner town so it was ok. this second "slip up" brought us another little gem and a book i intend to write called "How to S and Esse by Ninja Ninjaroni"

YAY for over share woohoo

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Things I'm Good At

Lately the only damn thing i'm good at is being sick, for serious. I'm ready to punch all daycare children that enter my house. I have been sick for a good 4 weeks now.I've missed a ton of things except hockey because if i pay money for something there is no way im skipping on it, not my styles yo. Today i am currently exceptionally amazing at throwing up its been a talent of mine for that last 24 hours and not in the epicly amazing way the Elie sisters can all do this, in the way a gross sick person does it, Its way less hot.