Thursday, December 25, 2008


So i kinda fail at blogging, i don't do it often enough but i've kinda been busy lately with not sleeping, not eating, getting legit death threats from family, watching hockey, losing Lilly to Memphis for like 2 weeks, feeling too awkward to see Christine but then we were reunited and it did feel so good, makin bows all kinda fun stuffs.

so since the year is over I'd like to throw out two of my favorite quotes of the year, maybe its kinda cocky of me to do this and once you hear the quotes you'll love punderfullness of me calling that cocky.

so remember when i had that lovely run in with that lovely band that opened for gbh, then i went from foufs to katacombs to a sexy alley way in china town and stuff happened and like 3 Asian dudes on a "smoke break" watched. pretty sexy right, well this is where quote number one comes along. I'm wiping my mouth while we walk and i utter these words "so, you get alot of ass on tour?" cause i like to make things awkward for dudes after we have fun in Chinatown, that happening even brought us the "You know what happens in Chinatown"

Next on this happened all in that same night way later on at the after partay, im in a van with a dude who happens to be in the same band as boy number one, so things start to happen he takes out his wang, i look at him, i look at the wang, i pause and i open my mouth but the wang does not go in, these words come out " I'm sorry i can't do this, i just blew your drummer' BAM AWKWARD TOWN, then we went to boner town so it was ok. this second "slip up" brought us another little gem and a book i intend to write called "How to S and Esse by Ninja Ninjaroni"

YAY for over share woohoo


christine said...

DONT FEEL TO AWKWARD TO SEE MEEE! THATS JUST SILLY! Ill make fun of you if you do, I can be quite the jerk

The Catapult Kid said...

Oh man the color scheme and banner for your blog are just too good, please post more often, our sincerely un-awkward friend

harlequin said...

this post made my day. You're a riot.

LyndseyElizabeth said...

why thank you, it's based entierly on fact.........unfortunatly