Monday, April 28, 2008



DAMN YOU..................

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yeah Whatever!!!!!!!

Ok so I've been kind of confined to the house for a few days and I've been watching alot of youtube. I found worlds greatest youtuber. Her youtube name thingy is katiesopinion. I LOVE HER!!!! she speaks the truth about men really, They're all penises. Even when you think you've found a good one , There are still many lovely great surprises to come with them, oh the sarcasm. . I'm not saying all guys are bad, but from my experiences not too many of them are great. Although really i wouldn't want to have to have to deal with dating women because i would probably smack a bitch!!! I guess i just don't get people really. Katie rocks so hard. Even though shes from Philly and i kind of have to put on my i hate Philly face, Until we kick them out of the play offs . Now i will show you a video that she made that really speaks the truth, although it mostly speaks the truth about guys , it does apply to some women because well its just a matter of values. Like i said its not all guys but as bitchy as this makes me sound from my experience I'm siding with Katie . Hey if a dude comes around and changes my mind then i will call bullshit on myself until then fuck off!!!! Oh and watch the video, Pretty Pleasssssssssssse




Monday, April 21, 2008


Hello Boston.....................................WELCOME TO OBLITERATION!!!!!

Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na Hey Hey Hey Good-bye

Yeah I'm cheesy, Whatever

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hear Ye Hear Ye

So kiddies i would just like to make a few things clear........well really only one thing but i do want to make it clear!!! So i got a few emails from people whom i don't know who read my blog, Surprised? I am. Anywho these peeps sent me emails asking me why I'm two steps away from putting a hit on every French person alive, And then i was all yo biatch i can hate whom ever i want. But really i don't hate all French people. I'm actually friends who some frenchies but I'm talking about a certain breed of French people. The type who make me feel like shit because WHAT???? I'm English what the fuck !!! who even speaks English anymore thats so 20th century of you. Just pompous assholes and hey I'm not really big on pompous assholes no matter what language . These people arent only of the separatists persuasion although many of them are. If you support the OLF then go fuck yourself K? Thanks!!!!

Oh P.S

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'd like to take it down a notch and be a little serious.So i know when people think the little ninja they don't think someone who cares about others but people are deceived, the little ninja does care just not about people who are assholes!!! So i was reading stuff on the interwebs about Africa right and i came across some shocking things that i would like to share with you. Did you know that every year Africa receives about 10 billion dollars a year in aid but they lose 14 billion dollars in debt payments that is seriously fucked up!!!! In the past year alone about 1.6 million people died from aids but hey our governments need the money so fuck them and their aids and their lives and their debt, MAKE EM PAY UP BITCHES!!!! Loan sharks use similar methods so why not right, although they go to prison for these illegal activities and they don't even usually kill people and when they do it could never even compare this kind of mortality rate!!! And really who cares if over 80 million Nigerians live on less than 1$ a day and in 2005 Nigeria payed 14 billion dollars in debt reduction, Thats not even a debt payed off assholes thats just to have it reduced.......yeah think about it.

I La-la-Love it Part 1

So since i told you ladies all about the things i don't like here are a few things i love. As the Beastie boys would say Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!!

P.s soon i'll be done with the lists and back to our regular scheduled program.

1- Jonh Waters- If you’ve read any of my blog this obviously comes as a huge shock to you but I love john waters more then my non exsistant children and pony. Oh John!!!!

2- Jeffery Dahmers neighbor- she said and a quote “it always smelt like he was cooking sumthin, but it never did no groceries” BEST QUOTE EVER!!!!! For those of you who don’t get this. Jeffery Dahmer was a cannibal killer. Just thing about it. You too might find this quote comfortably amusing.

3- English- as much as I have no sense of grammer, spelling and syntax. I do love English. I may butcher this language worse then well Jeffery Dahmers would butcher your ass.

4- Law & Order: SVU opening credits- this is actually my current favorite thing ever. Come on its awesome. “In the criminal justice system sexually based offences are considered especially hanus” blah blah I don’t know the rest

5- Bucky- Oh buck-a-roo you are the bestest cat ever. Your a bad ass, a bad mama jama, Can I get an amen. Oh lord, Oh lord!!!!!

6- My Teasing Comb- Seriously I love my teasing comb so much. I would be lost, dazed and confused without it.

7- Red Lipstick- if you’ve ever met me you know this!!!

8- Leopard Print- See above

9- GBH- the band that brought you such great tunes as city baby attacked by rats, city babies revenge, sick boy, christianized cannibals, womb with a view. Come on people you have to love this stuff people.

10- Winning- I LOVE winning especially at cranium. I’ll kick your ass a board games or card games or any kind of games as long as I don’t have to run fast or be tall or bowling!!! And when I win I have a victory dance and if you want I’ll make up a song about how you lost. I’m a good person like that.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

101 Reasons I Rule Part 7

Oh my ladies and gents its the last part in this lovely series. i know your going to miss it. But you'll cope with it. If not there are many good building waiting to be jumped off of. I'm joking don't do that asshole. well here is it the finale of why i rule

84- Interweb Pervs AGAIN- LEAVE ME ALONE PLEEEEEEEEEASE, that goes for the N.D.G rasta men too.

85- Gangstaaaaa- dude your not cool because you keep tags on your shoes, hats, undies, condoms, shorts, pants and whatevers else. Hanging out at the metro? Not cool. T-shirts dresses? Not cool. Snoop? VERY COOL, but he’s not redeemed you yet. Walking with a limb? Not cool. Sucking your teeths? Not cool. Saying ax instead of ask? Not even a little cool. Writing in a blog? Severely uncool .

86- Cell Phone Ear Pieces- You look like a douche. Re-think it ass munch

87- Pansy Ass Mofos – I’ll cut you GOD

88- Star anything- Are you 14? No, Are you a sailor? No, Do you live in space? No, Are you oh so punk rock? No, Are you an astronomer? No, Are you a loser? FUCK YEAH!!!!!

89- Pancreatic Cancer- LEAVE THE SWAYZ ALONE!!!!! How about this . You challenge Swayze to a dance off . He wins ,He lives. He loses , you die.

90- John Waters Haters- You have no reason to be hating on him. He is perfection in the body of a 62 year old directing gay man. He will kick your face in a punch fight and then blow you. Come on, Come on, Come on!!!!

91- Corey Feldmen’s Wife- She’s messing with the two Coreys. And she ruined the season of the surreal life he was on. Suzie is a bitch. I’d kick her face in a punch fight, but I would not blow her. John Waters would not either. Corey Feldman needs to ask her for his balls back so he can continue living. Just a thought

92- Quebec- Where our goal is to keep the English man down, and take away all his rights. Drive horribly, Have shitty roads, too many festivals, And be rude to our tourist. Je me Souviens

93- Leader on-ers- Why you gotta be straight tripping boo? Quit playing games with my heart, or I’ll cut yours out.

94- Snakes- I can’t even type about how much they gross me out. So no witty explanation. Not that most of my explanations are witty. But I try ok!! Don’t be hatin

95-Crocs and Gators- Dude they’ll fuck you up. Why? Just because. You can’t run, You can’t hide. They’ll find you. Kill you. And save you for later. Think you can climb a tree and you’ll be safe? Think again mother fucker, he’ll wait for you. Think You can run away, he’ll sprint and catch your pansy ass. And the water? Not even safe.

96- Political Correctness- Cunt, piss, shit, Jew, cock, nigga, midget, indian, eskimo, whore, blind, deaf, dumb, mute, homo, dyke, white trash honky, cracker. I got nothing this one is not funny. SURPRISE. But I really do fucking hate political correctness, evne though I don’t use half of those words.

97- Dexter Season 3- Hurry up and get here. I’m get antsy.

98- Kristy In Texas- COME BAAAAAAAAAAACK !!!!! we need you. The 514 needs you I need you . Bucky needs you!!!

99- Grammar- I only hate it because I’m bad at it. Suck on my chocolate salty balls grammar!!!!

100- The Pope- he looks likes a cannibal. Which means he is a cannibal. He eats babies. He uses their skin as Vatican city monies. Which are called pope bucks aka pucks. He was a part of Hitler youth. I think he might be a pimp. I’m not even joking. Check this out. He has a GIANT pimp stick y’know his giant cane. He has a sweet ride called the popemobile, that’s totally a pimp car. His sweet suit!!! Yeh he’s a nazi cannibal pimp.

101- OLF- You steal my rights. Make a second class citizen. Make my life a living hell. Prevent me from doing almost anything. FUCK YOU EAT A BAG OF DICKS!!!!