Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'd like to take it down a notch and be a little serious.So i know when people think the little ninja they don't think someone who cares about others but people are deceived, the little ninja does care just not about people who are assholes!!! So i was reading stuff on the interwebs about Africa right and i came across some shocking things that i would like to share with you. Did you know that every year Africa receives about 10 billion dollars a year in aid but they lose 14 billion dollars in debt payments that is seriously fucked up!!!! In the past year alone about 1.6 million people died from aids but hey our governments need the money so fuck them and their aids and their lives and their debt, MAKE EM PAY UP BITCHES!!!! Loan sharks use similar methods so why not right, although they go to prison for these illegal activities and they don't even usually kill people and when they do it could never even compare this kind of mortality rate!!! And really who cares if over 80 million Nigerians live on less than 1$ a day and in 2005 Nigeria payed 14 billion dollars in debt reduction, Thats not even a debt payed off assholes thats just to have it reduced.......yeah think about it.

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