Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yeah Whatever!!!!!!!

Ok so I've been kind of confined to the house for a few days and I've been watching alot of youtube. I found worlds greatest youtuber. Her youtube name thingy is katiesopinion. I LOVE HER!!!! she speaks the truth about men really, They're all penises. Even when you think you've found a good one , There are still many lovely great surprises to come with them, oh the sarcasm. . I'm not saying all guys are bad, but from my experiences not too many of them are great. Although really i wouldn't want to have to have to deal with dating women because i would probably smack a bitch!!! I guess i just don't get people really. Katie rocks so hard. Even though shes from Philly and i kind of have to put on my i hate Philly face, Until we kick them out of the play offs . Now i will show you a video that she made that really speaks the truth, although it mostly speaks the truth about guys , it does apply to some women because well its just a matter of values. Like i said its not all guys but as bitchy as this makes me sound from my experience I'm siding with Katie . Hey if a dude comes around and changes my mind then i will call bullshit on myself until then fuck off!!!! Oh and watch the video, Pretty Pleasssssssssssse




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