Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hear Ye Hear Ye

So kiddies i would just like to make a few things clear........well really only one thing but i do want to make it clear!!! So i got a few emails from people whom i don't know who read my blog, Surprised? I am. Anywho these peeps sent me emails asking me why I'm two steps away from putting a hit on every French person alive, And then i was all yo biatch i can hate whom ever i want. But really i don't hate all French people. I'm actually friends who some frenchies but I'm talking about a certain breed of French people. The type who make me feel like shit because WHAT???? I'm English what the fuck !!! who even speaks English anymore thats so 20th century of you. Just pompous assholes and hey I'm not really big on pompous assholes no matter what language . These people arent only of the separatists persuasion although many of them are. If you support the OLF then go fuck yourself K? Thanks!!!!

Oh P.S

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