Thursday, April 10, 2008

I La-la-Love it Part 1

So since i told you ladies all about the things i don't like here are a few things i love. As the Beastie boys would say Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!!

P.s soon i'll be done with the lists and back to our regular scheduled program.

1- Jonh Waters- If you’ve read any of my blog this obviously comes as a huge shock to you but I love john waters more then my non exsistant children and pony. Oh John!!!!

2- Jeffery Dahmers neighbor- she said and a quote “it always smelt like he was cooking sumthin, but it never did no groceries” BEST QUOTE EVER!!!!! For those of you who don’t get this. Jeffery Dahmer was a cannibal killer. Just thing about it. You too might find this quote comfortably amusing.

3- English- as much as I have no sense of grammer, spelling and syntax. I do love English. I may butcher this language worse then well Jeffery Dahmers would butcher your ass.

4- Law & Order: SVU opening credits- this is actually my current favorite thing ever. Come on its awesome. “In the criminal justice system sexually based offences are considered especially hanus” blah blah I don’t know the rest

5- Bucky- Oh buck-a-roo you are the bestest cat ever. Your a bad ass, a bad mama jama, Can I get an amen. Oh lord, Oh lord!!!!!

6- My Teasing Comb- Seriously I love my teasing comb so much. I would be lost, dazed and confused without it.

7- Red Lipstick- if you’ve ever met me you know this!!!

8- Leopard Print- See above

9- GBH- the band that brought you such great tunes as city baby attacked by rats, city babies revenge, sick boy, christianized cannibals, womb with a view. Come on people you have to love this stuff people.

10- Winning- I LOVE winning especially at cranium. I’ll kick your ass a board games or card games or any kind of games as long as I don’t have to run fast or be tall or bowling!!! And when I win I have a victory dance and if you want I’ll make up a song about how you lost. I’m a good person like that.


kristy ninja said...

so like the daughter of the guitarist for GBH works at my old store. i didn't know she was his daughter and she came in and applied and i put a note on her application saying she was a nice lady and to chicka check her out and they did and they hired her and now she works there.

i thought you would like that

ps come to tumblr

Anonymous said...