Saturday, September 18, 2010

Regrets? I have a few.

So its like week 2 in Hammer town.

I still hate it.....

I think it is possibly the worst idea I have ever had.
My mother tells me I will learn things from it other then the fact that I am going to school. So far I have learnt things I already know. I fucking hate people, I fucking hate living with people, I fucking hate living with people I do not know. I wish I would of moved into some dingy basement apartment alone, so I can live like the semi hermit that I am.

I have never had to force social skills more then I have been doing these past 2 weeks, fake laugh at everything ugh its so tiring pretending to like people.

I feel so old here.
Everyone in my classes is 18.
Also I have no idea how 95% of the people in my classes made it past kindergarten let alone to university. I am paying like 7,000 dollars to go to school I do not want to listen to you talk about your highlight, how drunk you got last night, how you are a slut who shouldn't of banged that guy or about the ever so old blackberry vs iphone debate. Seriously you are a drunken slut I don't care put a cock in your mouth and shut up.

My dog is annoying
I love her to pieces, which is funny because she sheds so much that pieces of her are with me everywhere I go.
She smells, not matter how often I bathe her, all she does is make me wanna eat corn chips.
I am fat enough I do not need that.

Cooking is the bane of my existence.
I hate it, I find it so tedious and not rewarding at all.
I though when something is that horrible it should have some kind of reward, yes cooking means eating which means not dying blah blah blah shut up.

I am done with this rant

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