Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Need Him In My Life, Not Really Though

I'm obviously talking about the Jesus statue and not Nick Cave................Not!!!
Tonight i saw Nick Cave play and oh my baby Jesus it was amazing. I am absolutely in love with him, damn is he fine. But on a more serious note his live show was amazing, probably one of the best ever. The crowd thought so too apparently, since he got not 1 but 2 encours, yeah bitches you wish you got that many encours. Although i was too short to see most of what was happening i just knew i was at one of best shows i had ever been to, and I've been to many many shows i might add, I'd say on average one to two a weekend for like 7 years now. Wow has it been 7 years must of been, Jesus i feel old and I'm only 21, see this is why i hate numbers. Anyways good shit, I'd give my first born child to see Nick Cave again. Just everything about him was amazing, His voice, his band, his songs, his face, his sweaty shirt, his energy, his showman ship. I'm fuckin drunk so this probably isn't amounting to much but I'm trying to start writing in my blog. Maybe even things other then my incoherent ranting that I'm sure you oh so love. Back to Nick Cave again though dudes, I know some of you i.e Lilly hate Nick Cave but seriously suck my dick Lilly cause Nick Cave just won my heart


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