Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh Saturday

So this Saturday as many Saturdays before started off great really!! Hockey is on and I'm going to a show, nothing to alarm me really aside from the fact that i was going to a NOFX show blah blah blah.I leave the house take the metro all the way to my least favorite bar in town with Miss Lilly. so we get to the bar and low and behold we get carded, little known fact about me and Lilly we share the same name cause he real name *gasp* isn't Lilly. So whatever we show our cards to the bouncer, well i show my passport she shows her Medicare card and i guess he thinks we're fuckin dumb asses who share i.d but go in together, super smart right, any who we get in. We sit down to watch hockey and i look to see if i have my ticket and BAM no mother fucking ticket, left it at home. So we get back on to the metro and all the way back to my house to get my ticket. But hockey has started at this point and if you know me then you know I'm super Canadian in the way that i absolutely fuckin love hockey and hockey players!! shit yeah break me off a piece of that*drools*. Back on topic so we watch hockey until the end of the first period and then rush back to the bar, watch a little more hockey, meet out friends all is going great so far. We go to the upstairs of the bar where the bands shall be playing to see the band i was there for the Ripcordz , shit yeah. Band comes on stage, Band start playing, Band starts playing good song. Shitty ass NoFx fans don't move, Band tries to get fans into it, NofX fans FUCKIN FAIL. SERIOUSLY RIPCORDZ ARE THE OLDEST GREATEST MOST BESTEST PUNK BAND IN MONTREAL, I'LL EVEN SAY IN ALL OF CANADA. The NoFx douche bags barely move still. seriously fuck them. I've seen the Ripcordz play a ton of times to a ton of different crowds and never a reaction like this or should i say a non reaction. The band finishes I'm unimpressed because of the crowd blahhhhh. So whateves I'm chillin and illin with Lilly who for some reason wanted to stay for NoFx. So out come like 20 billion roadies, What the fuck who brings roadies to a shit ass nothing bar apparently fat mike and his band of oh so lovely people do. so the roadies fuckin do a 12 hour sound check sort of thing which is lame, the roadies have to make sure the guitars and bass are positioned perfectly on the amps and i had to stand in a room with way too many douche bags. If you've ever been to a NoFx show you know what I'm talking about when i shit talk their fans. So Nofx finally get on stage i last 10 minutes before i have to leave because i wanna vom for the grossness. OK so im a drama queen whateves. Upside the Montreal Canadians won their game 6-1. So that was the upside, plus the fuckin hot skinhead i saw at the bar while waiting for NoFx to finish their set. OK I'm done complaining. Thanks Christine and Kristy!!!!


kristy said...

yeah i got a shoutout..YEAH!!

oh my god i want to go to a show with you guys so bad and hate hate hate everyone.

Lilly said...

come home and come to a goddam show Kristy, GOD! i'm tired of your southern ways..
ps come to memphis at christmas to party with moi et maverick. and my family. who don't party at all.

Anonymous said...

So, is this shout out to the other christine you pretend exists? cause if so, I would like confirmation that shes real, because I think youre crazy. Also, im sticking with anonymous because saturday night didnt involve candy in my mouth.