Monday, October 20, 2008

Remeber That Time....

Remember that time that the habs played a game on Saturday and Kurt Sauer tried to kill Big Daddy Kostitsyn, who isn't really the Kostitsyn daddy but just big brother Kostitsyn and not in big brother is watching you kinda way in a meet my big brother kinda way. Remember when Sauer didn't even get in trouble for a dirty hit to the head. Good times really. That hit was totally legit, too legit to quit.......oh the sarcasm. I think next time someone gets in the way of something i want i might do that to them and see how legit it is really. That's a good idea instilling body checking into everyday life and especially in the work place. Although that'd require having ref's in the work place everyday. Which would probably be a bad idea since they barely do their jobs on the ice as it is really. OH BURN. i don't think burns count when you call them out yourself so scratch that idea, but not really. I know Christine is going to hate this blog so I'm going to insert a photo of Youppi for her blog reading pleasure OH LA LA LOOK AT HIS SEXY ORANGE FUR. Any who I'm in class right now again, which guess what i actually like it. who'd of thunk Lyndsey"drops out of school" Pichette would actually like school. That whole drops out of school bit isn't entirely true. i did finish high school and elementary school which is more then my father can say. That's was mean but whateves. So i vote everyone needs to watch worlds best shows that i started to watch on Friday night, well i finished watching them too but any who for serious a healthy dose of yo mama and sex talk are the bets things to watch on a Friday night.So my recess is over now, when i say that i feel like I'm in court which is bad ass unless you're the one being prosecuted then I'm sure it sucks.

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youppi stalker said...

I realized why I like youppi! so much. Its because he's orange, so I think of orange soda which I love. Its also because he doesnt wear pants. Essentially, he reminds me of days I enjoy, where I dont wear pants and I drink orange soda.

ps what are you doing friday night,
ps sex talk?