Monday, November 17, 2008

My American Idols

Move over Clay Aiken, Watch out Kelly Clarkson, Get the fuck out of their way Rubin St-St-St-Studdard, bahahaha see what i did there his last name is studdard which sounds like studder. Well at least i make myself laugh.Anyways my American idols are ladies and gents drum roll please..............................................................................
......................................... That's right you guessed American idol number one John Mo'Fuckin Waters. He is god, hes Jesus. He is sweet baby Jesus, but in a sexy tacky, very gay way. Which is the best way to be Jesus...Hells yeah. He is a genius and he hates so many things but is so funny about it and i one day too hope to be as hostilely funny as john waters. He's uplifting and inspirational and charismatic and*insert tear here* Glory Hallelujah Praise the lord and stuff !!!

how can you resist a face like that, he is only the greatest gay man to ever live. Seriously all films aside he is the awsomest. And the only person to ever get me star struck. His writing is amazing just amazing if you haven't read his books ask me to lend them to you because he's hilarious, like woah for serious i love him more then i love snoop, yeah that's right and y'all know how much i love that gangsta ass mother fucker, i think its his hair bobbles and sweet pony tail braids, and y'know his tight beats and bad ass rhymes. Back to John Waters fools!!! He is the pope of trash but a little more cannibalistic then the actual pope cause for serious Ratzinger is a total cannibal.

I could go on about my pure love for John waters all day but ill save you, Next order of business

My other absolutely amazing American idol is HUNTER S THOMPSON,

oh yes ladies and gents mister Gonzo journalism himself, mister fear & loathing, rum diary, curse of lono, hells angels, the great shark hunt, better then sex, rolling stone writing amazingly awesomely, bad ass mother fucker, in my calling him a mother fucker i would totally be OK with him fucking me mother even though he's dead. Hunter S as i like to call him is the greatest writer of all time and in all of his fucked upness he still managed to have a career well I'm not sure you can necessarily call it a career per se but he did get a PhD which in actually reality give me hope that if a bad ass mother fucked like Hunter S can get one maybe a no so Bad Ass father fucker like me( cause i don't fuck moms cause I'm not a huge dykie lesbian so i do dads not moms) back to my sentence not only as i a not bad ass father fucker I'm also a slacker, but he was always strung out. I would strongly suggest reading everything he has written, go to you're library, go to your local book store preferably a used book store cause they're way better and i like my books the same way i like my mens previously loved no virgins for me thanks. If you're unsure of whats good to read well ask a ninja aka me. This post took way too long to write and I'm not sure why but I'm liking the use of pictures in my blog. I will write again soon kiddies for now comment you motha fuckas i like feedback

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The Catapult Kid said...

Oh man such a good picture of Waters! Ever see a young John Waters with the long hair? I guess early Waters cinema.