Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You're Fighting For Your Life Inside A Killer.......THRILLER

So here it is people I AM DETERMINED TO LEARN THE THRILLER DANCE.No jokes here peeps. i will master the thriller dance. One day I'll be chillin with Michael Jackson and he'll be like "I bet you can't do the thriller dance" and then i'll be all "Oh no you didn't Michael" and then I'll bust a move and be WAY BETTER at it then him, which will obviously make him cry. I will be victorious and M.J will cry in his Wheaties. This all goes down in the kitchen which is why he is eating Wheaties. Does anyone even eat Wheaties anymore? Do they still make Wheaties? I think they still do. Lets face it though folks he's Michael Jackson even if Wheaties didn't exist anymore he could still get Wheaties, therefore i can still make Michael cry in his Wheaties so suck it. Can't you just picture it now, Me busting a move, Michael crying, Tiger Woods on the Wheaties box its pretty much a party in the kitchen. I'm sorry to inform you but you won't be invited but i will be sure to give you a play by play.Plus it will obviously be on entertainment tonight. Really though guys one day i will master the thriller dance.I'm practicing right now. Watch out Michael Jackson. The Ninja is here you best fear mo'fucka!!!! I'm off to practice my moves.............................PEACE
Now you too can bust a move .C-C-C-Check it Out

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