Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Hunk Of Junk Pt.2

So I'm pretty sure I'm falling apart......or dying or i have the plague or something. I like to exudate its what I'm good at, and its how i do. I took advantage of our oh so lovely FREE heath care in canadaland yesterday, and after 6 years of waiting and trying and calling and being pushy i finally got into see a specialist for ever so plaguing stomach problems which first they thought oh its just acid reflux, nope maybe its ulcers, nope maybe its an very very sexy inflamed infected esophagus but oh no you know what that dick wad said it was guess what? FUCKIN NOTHING. I'm pretty confident i have not been in sever pain everyday for the past oh i don't know 8 years for nothing. I DID NOT GET A STUPID CAMERA SHOVED DOWN MY THROAT AND GET PICKED WITH MORE NEEDLES THE A HEROIN ADDICT WHO WON THE LOTTERY FOR NOTHING. No sir its not nothing, so y'know ima get a second opinion and stuff. On other news my beloved Habs epicly failed on Saturday and kinda on Friday to. We lost oh man it pains me to say this but we lost to Toronto. i pretty much was all hey guys way to skate like a seizing paraplegic, good job, good job, fantastique. You guys fail. But wanna see an upside to the night. Its not a fight or anything its just a whole lot of angry sexy man. Little know fact about me i love me an angry sexy man especially if he's eastern European and hockey player and named baby Kostitsyn, or Sergei Kostitsyn, or SK-74 or sexy Sergei. He's what i would call a man of many names. Similar to a man of many faces but more fun to say cause i said so? any who you're lucky sons of bitches get to see what I'm talking about cause i found a VIDEO, Thanks YouTube. Just a little advice LISTEN TO THE ANNOUNCERS AND WATCH IT TILL THE END OR ELSE I'LL SEND BIG GEORGE LARAQUES AFTER YOU, unless you're out of his weight division then y'know he'll scout the room for someone who is in his weight division and send someone smaller then you to fight his battle, read Kostopoulos who is suspended for a "dirty check" on those pussy ass Toronto boys blah blah head hit blah blah broken hand blah blah concussion blah blah broken nose, what a pussy., OK that was mean. here's the video while i gather my composure and make a feeble attempt at being nice

ok so i made funkin sweet Montreal Canadiens hair bows cause well i love the habs i love hair bows, I'm a chick so its allowed bam. me attempting to be nice isn't working so well. Y'know what pisses me off a little while ago, I'd say about a moth ago i was at a Montreal Boston game and I'm real close I'm talking super close like i could smell the sweat close right, it was that beautiful game when Lucic and Komisarik almost made out it was hot but not really. anyways when you're that close you would probably take pictures too right? its not everyday us poor folk get 200$ hockey tickets now is it? well apparently you're not allowed to legitimately like hockey right? i obviously paid 200$ to look at hockey players right? WRONG ASSHOLES. i may love to look at hockey players but i didn't play for the tickets and i probably love hockey more then most chicks you know, I've loved hockey since i was a wee little one. hockey and i had a little falling out a short while ago but we made up, i can forgive and forget that hockey ditched me for a year. Anywho back to my story. Me+Victoria+Montreal- Boston Game+Cameras, Up to speed yes? OK good. So after the end of the 1st these asshole 40+ dudes turn to me and Victoria and are all hey do you girls even know the score, so not only is this dickwad accusing me of not like hockey but also making me out to be stupid, LIKE YOU CAN MISS THE SCOREBOARD, fuckin asshole. So i says to him i says Oh no wait i actually like hockey, do you think i would dish out this kinda money to look at mens, I'm not some desperate slob like some people?? And even lets say i hated hockey you fuckin cunt and i came here only to look at mens, would you not go to watch hot chicks play a hot sport? I'm very sure you would, yeah no I'm 100% sure and I'm pretty confident beach volleyball isnt a real sport. its onyl for dirty disgusting horny men to watch, men get a whole sport for that and i can't come to a game enjoy the game and the men playing it.Oh no that'd be a crime. so fuck off, K thanks. This entry has already gotten too long and all over the place without being too far all over the place and uhm sorry about so much hockey talk little miss Ellie, although we know Flannigan will like it. Ok I'm out



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CASEY! said...

You used the word "Dickwad" so I am sure we will get along. As long as I can still be a Redwings fan, The Canadians are my second favorite teams, so I am sure there won't be any feuding between hockey! Maybe I will take you to a Canadian's game and propose over the PA, those doofs that do that every so often gotta be kinda cool right? As far as catering goes, I am vegan. Are you cool with that? I am pretty good at cooking and could cook up a fucking storm with all sorts of good food. What is your favorite food? I am glad you like hockey so much. Did you see the fucking Redwings blow a 5-2 lead in the 3rd to lose 7-6 in OT? that was fucking disastrous! I am still in shock and awe. I hope you share a similar hatred for Pittsburgh as I do. We will get along fine. How old are you anyways? hit me up with some pictures please? I promise I am not some creeper! haha. :)


also: how ever did you first come across my livejournal anyways? just curious.