Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Hunk Of Junk

So uhm i've decided i swear way too much in my blog, i need to tone it down a notch or take it down a notch, whatever sometimes i like to ruin saying and use way too many coma. it's who i am, its how i do. But for reals though i need to stop swear as much which is why im not going to go cold turkey cause really that'd end horribly but i'm going to limit myself to one sexy dirty word per sentence, i was going to go per paragraph but really who i am i kidding, baby steps right?? So i'm going to go ahead and get a little something out of my system and then i'll get back to this what will be promised to be the most all over the place blog entry of this month, SHIT, PISS, FUCK, CUNT, COCK SUCKER, MOTHERFUCKER,TITS,STUPID CUNT ASS BITCH, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. ok now that its out of my system and i got all semi George Carlin on your ass and i macked on his seven dirty words because really the might be my favorite especially cunt, i saw that alot, never actually referring to what a "cunt"is more so to people. My favorite part of England being able to say cunt and having no one gasp like i just ate their baby or something, im not the pope i don't eat babies or anything and he;; while we're talking about difference between me and the pope i don't join Hitler youth either so really im nothing like the pope. Ok so here is the deal i'm a hockey fanatic these days, I do live in Montreal so its very acceptable hell i'd even say its a requirement. I just wanna talk about last Saturdays game and how we lost but it was ok because seriously the ducks have a player who has the most epic moustachio EVER!!! like a move over Nick Cave there is a new moustachio in town, if you do not know Nick Caves moustachio click on his name, its magical ohhh wow. Seriously George Parros he wins at moustches and it gotten bigger and better and alot less sexy, but i have this weird over whelming urge to want to comb it and it makes me feel so dirty in the best way possible. ok dudes so im really tired and uhm i'm turning this entry into a two parter , oh how exciting you're favortie kid of entery one with a little suspense...............

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CASEY! said...

will you marry me so I can get free Health Insurance?
I would so move to Montreal!