Tuesday, March 18, 2008

101 Reasons I Rule Part 6

HOLY CRAP its another instalation of 101 reasons i rule aka lets read about lyndsey complain. Who does not love that? really who?

71. Nicolas Cage- This ones for you Alex, Hate your heart out sweet thang

72. Scrunchies- Hello 1994 you look so sexy in your brightly colored scrunchie. 1994 the days when it was oh so normal for you and your boyfriend to share scrunchies . Oh 1994 break me off a piece of that.

73. Kitten Shirts- I could be severely mean and oh so not politically correct but I’m stopping myself. All im going to say is Grannies need only apply.


75. Steven Harper- He looks like he touches babies and toddlers but school kids is so 4 years ago.

76. Cute- Only puppies and babies should be called cute so eat a bag of dicks………… k thanks

77. Cegep- I kind of wish we has grade 12. Instead of this piece of shit.

78. Bruce Springsteen - Again do I really have to justifiy this one? Come on, come on!!!!!

79. Children’s T.V- The wiggles are severely creepy to me, 4 or 5 men in their 20’s chillin out with kids all day. What is that bogusness??? Like for real dudes, who does this shit?? It’s creepy and really weird. Also the blues clues duder I’m sure he’s like retarded or something.

80- Playa Haters- Don’t hate on the playas hate their hoes.

81- The Police- I’m not talking about the band here boys and gals!!! I’m talking about the real thing. To quote my dear friends N.W.A FUCK THA POLICE

82- Escalator Stoppers- STICK TO YOUR SIDES ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!! There are two sides the walking side and the side I’m usually on “the lazy ass take me up the stairs without walking side”. Pick a side douche bag.

83- Metro Assholes- Those people who run for the metro and get stuck in the doors and then the metro stops for like 12 hours. Or those people who get in the metro cart when it’s so full your spooning with a stranger and not even an attractive stranger.

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